Steve Madden: Fashion Forward Feline

Steve Madden lives and breathes fashion... this is apparent as soon as you walk through the door at Pennywise where you will likely find him lying on the counter trying to peek at the newest jewelry and accessories below the glass beneath him. Okay okay, sometimes he naps there as well. Steve also loves when his friends come to pay him a visit! While he truly appreciates those of you who are able to rub his tummy, what he really  looks forward to is visits from his four-legged friends! Take a look at the Steve's Pals gallery below to see who's been in to visit recently! As for all of you four-legged folks reading this, come in and say hi to Steve! You may find yourself on this site! 

Steve's Story

Steve Madden is the third cat to live at Pennywise. After losing Rusty at age 22 and Alex at age 16, we were not sure that we were ready for another furry friend, but Steve desperately needed a home. Before he called Pennywise his home, Steve was found locked in an abandoned building by a local dog walker. By the time he was found and police were able to get him out, he was very sick. He spent 5 months in the pound and was on his last days there when the dog warden contacted us about Steve, knowing we had recently lost Alex to cancer. We went to visit Steve and he came home with us. At the time he didnt have much fur and was very skinny but still personable and sweet as can be. We brought him to the store and, after checking the place out for a few minutes, he jumped onto the counter and began his job of greeting customers.

Since then, Steve has been to a feline dermatologist and an allergist about his skin issues. His immune system is so damaged from his time in the abandoned building surviving on whatever he could that he suffers from severe allergies (both airborne and food-related) and has asthma. He takes daily medication and can only eat one type of prescription food to keep his skin issues under control, but he doesn't seem to mind when he has flare-ups. Every morning Steve runs around the store playing with one of his many toys that customers have given him, then retires to the counter where he spends the entire day letting everyone pet him and flipping upside down to look extra cute. Every night at closing time he eats his dinner and retires to someplace in the store that we can never seem to find. The next morning Steve is waiting at the door ready to start a new day!